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Not everyone can do everything.

Being able to recognize your own abilities that others will appreciate, and applying them at the right time, is also an important skill to have. We are a well-attuned team!

Michael Schuhmann EN
Owner Turn-Consultants, Partner of EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP
  • Graduated in Mechatronic
  • Industrial Engineer in Automation and Robotics
  • Product-Manager Automation-Systems and -Components
  • New Business Development
  • Head of Sales Electrical Engineering, Energy-Management
  • CEO, VP-Sales & Marketing, BU-Head, Electrical Drive Engineering, Gears, Gearmotors and Actuators for Automotive, Office Machines, Aviation, Mechanical Engineering, Automation
  • CEO and COO Plastics Engineering, Heating Elements, El. Drive Engineering for Home-Appliance
  • Vice Executive President Glass-Components and -Systems for the Home-Appliance Industrie and Food-Retailer
  • 2013 founding of Turn-Consultants Association
Monika Schuhmann En
Senior HR-Consultant, Outplacement, Relocation Service
  • Senior HR-Consultant
  • since 2015 with Turn-Consultants
    • Executive Search
    • Outplacement
    • Relocation-Service