International Placement

Direct-Search for Experts and Managers in Germany for assignments abroad


Own branches or subsidiaries in the USA, in South-America or in Asia are essential to realize the necessary future growth.

For the short- and long-term success of these investments abroad it is as well of high importance to transfer the success-genes of your company than it is to secure the companies know-how and to reduce the risks for your company and for these oftentimes existential projects.

Successful formation abroad demands always personnel resources from the mother company. Temporary deployment, but quite often permanent deployment.

With our own extensive experience in international business in NAFTA, ASIA, EUROPE and SOUTH-AMERICA we are able to support you to indentify the right candidate for your vacancy and support you in those important projects.


  • To go international needs extensive personnel resources wherever you go
  • Transfer of Know-How
  • Assign your companies culture
  • Copy your success genes
  • Deployment temporary or permanent
  • Expats ensure the success of your investment
  • They reduce your risk
  • They secure your Know-How

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