Direct Search of Specialists and Executive Search for Top-Management

By direct search we contact not only candidates on job search but also a circle of persons who are not actively looking for a new challenge, but whom can be motivated by an interesting offer to change the job.

Executive Search” forTop-Managers

“Direct Search” forExperts

Stands for a selective and targeted direct approach of potential candidates based on a dedicated mandate.

This means we extend the range of potential candidates including those who are not really actively searching for a job by themselves. This is important when the number and quality of candidates on the market is not sufficient.

We get our mandates only from decision makers, so we can represent the company on a reliable basis and come to quick decisions

We guarantee confidentiality

We consider the companies organizational and cultural environment

We identify the best fitting candidates in the dedicated market and contact themdirectly

We use our structured and customized tools and methods to identify and select suitable candidates

Additionally, we have a wide pool of high qualified candidate profiles we can use.

We only present you the best of all available candidates

We mediate between the company and the candidate to get the best reliable and sustainable decision

We support the selected candidate and his family with his relocation ina customized manner (ondemand)

We support the “new one” during his first weeks in the company (ondemand)


  • Executive-Search und Direct-Search based on a dedicated contract
  • As your Partner
 we are your single point of contact
  • We talk straight in both directions when problems are rising
  • Confidentiality has absolute priority
  • We guarantee the quality in the choice of the candidates
  • Our fees are based on a clear and straight list of services
  • Years of experience in the dedicated industries
  • Profound background knowledge
  • Pronounced network enabling effective contact
  • High quality and synergy effects in project work thanks to locations across Germany

Contact Person Direct Search of Specialists and Executive Search for Top-Management

Michael Schuhmann Inhaber
+49 171 2787415