Management Consultation

If your company grows or goes international, if you need higher efficiency, or you just want to be more professional, processes and organization has to be adapted.

  • Functionally or process oriented?
  • Central or de-central?
  • Product-Segments or Business-Units?
  • Own sales force or agents?
  • Two eyes or four eyes principal?
  • Trust versus controlling?
  • Speed versus precision?
  • Efficiency versus quality?
  • Innovation versus cost?

These are only some of the questions in a quite complex environment


In any case your organization should be optimal for the execution of your strategy. Does it?

In any case your staff concept has to fit with the organization! Does it?

In any case the competence of my people has to fit with the organization! Does it?


If some of these questions can’t be replied clearly, you should talk with us soon.


With our Strategy-Check (1 day with your management) we evaluate the buy-in of your present strategy.


With our Organization-Check (1h with each of your management member) we evaluate how much your present organization supports your present strategy.


Our HR-Check (2h with the the Team  leaders or department heads) evaluates how your personnel structure and experience of your people fits with your strategy and organization.


  • Process orientation
  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Growth
  • Professionallity
  • Profitability

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