Relocation -Service

Moving is always a major challenge. For you and your family.

  • You have to change residence?
  • You don’t havetime for it?
  • You come fromabroad?
  • You are not familiar with the newlocation/country?
  • You need support with publicauthorities?
  • You need to rent orbuy a house or apartment?
  • You want to get familiar with publictransport?
  • Your partner needs ajob?
  • You need a languagecourse?
  • Which school to select for yourchildren?
  • Where buy special food or othergoods?
  • Doctors, Emergency phone numbers, Hospitals?

We know the challenge by own experience.

We can help you and your partner or family to make the first steps to become familiar with the new place.

Our offer:

you tell us what you need and we make you an individual offer.

Your new employer might cover all, or a part of those cost.

Please send a mail with a first set of information. We will contact you as soon as possible.


  • we help to integrate and to get familiar with your new environment
  • find a house or apartment
  • Job for Your partner
  • School, Kindergarten for Your children
  • Where do I find what?
  • Language school
  • etc.

Contact Person Relocation -Service

Monika Schuhmann Consultant
+49 151 24192002