Electronic Engineering and Electronics

We could not imagine a life without electronics; the majority of occupational and industrial fields would simply not work.

Developments in the field of electrical engineering / electronics / semiconductors are currently progressing at a rapid pace and demand a high level of qualification and innovative ability from professionals working in the industry. Anyone with this skill set is highly sought after by companies and is often able to pick and choose between positions after just a short amount of time. As recruitment consultants, we therefore focus on and make direct contact with candidates who are not yet actively looking for a new job.

We will be happy to help you cover your need for electrical engineers, management and technical managerial staff in engineering, production and sales area.


  • Perfectly matching applicant qualifications with job profiles
  • Electrical engineering, automation engineering
  • Semiconductor, electronic design automation (EDA), verification
  • Drive technology, energy engineering
  • Mechatronics, electronics, sensor technology
  • Communications engineering, high-frequency engineering

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