Mechanical and Plant Engineering

German machinery and plants enjoy an outstanding reputation the world over. Besides ensuring the highest quality, user comfort, the level of automation and profound technical solutions are also essential in maintaining this renown.

Small and medium-sized businesses also manage to occupy globally leading positions in their respective niche surprisingly often, particularly in the field of special engineering. The diversity of technical solutions leads to staff becoming extremely specialized, which is especially true oft he engineering branch.

Combined with the low degree of brand familiarity associated with such businesses, this presents many of these hidden champions with huge challenges when it comes to recruiting appropriately qualified staff.

What a relief to have a partner who understands the demands of the job and is thus able to recognize and accurately assess the potential of applicants in specialist areas. The fact that our consultants are also engineers themselves means they are able to speak to interested candidates on an equal footing and spark their interest in your business.


  • Mechanical engineering
  • Special engineering
  • Plant construction
  • electrical motors
  • Controllers
  • Supply industry
  • mechanical engineering components

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